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Little Black Dress 6 Week Bootcamp
Don't just lose the weight, say good-bye to the whole problem.
Attention [YOUR CITY's} Ladies: 
Looking for a different reason to get in the best shape of your life?
Finally… Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Fit Into That Little Black Dress In The Next 5 Weeks Without Having To Resort To Hours Of Boring Cardio And Depriving Yourself Of Real Food
Finally… Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Fit Into That Little Black Dress In The Next 28 Days Without Having To Resort To Hours Of Boring Cardio And Depriving Yourself Of Real Food
(Even If You Are A Complete Beginner)
(Even If You Are A Complete Beginner)
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So many women that I talk to have settled for answering ‘yes’ to at least one of those questions above.

They’ve slowly drifted away from sexy and confident to a point where they’ve given up hope of ever looking good enough and getting back into a dress that makes them feel beautiful, confident, and sexy. 

What’s even WORSE is that so many women look for quick fixes and end up resorting to extreme diets, cleanses and workouts that leave them disappointed, feeling terrible, and they end up simply giving up on ever looking and feeling sexy again.
Do You Have A Little Black Dress...
... that sits in the back of your closet? You may not even have it in your closet yet but you see it every time you go shopping for clothes. You know exactly what black dress that I’m talking about, the one that you would wear to a cocktail party or a night out with friends.

You tell yourself that you’ll wear it out… maybe when you feel like you’ve lost a bit of the muffin top. I personally call it a cupcake top ... makes me feel better.

You keep promising yourself that you will start that diet and exercise program, but when you are finished taking care of everyone else you are too exhausted to take care of yourself. 

So you wait....then one night when you are out you see some other woman wearing that little back dress… and she looks good, really good, and you sigh and think, "will I ever look like that again". 

You hit the gym swearing that you’ll drop a few pounds. You begin to eat like a rabbit living on only salads, yogurt and a few of those 100 calorie snack packs; all you can think about is food and how sore you are from those workouts!

After a week or two of torture, and the scale not budging, you say "to hell with it" and end up going on a bender that leaves you in a carb coma waking up with a food hangover. 

Frustrating? You bet and I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault.

A lot of women struggle with weight, and often after losing weight, they get off track and gain it back plus more. You beat yourself up because you do not have enough will power, then you give up and feel like a failure. 

If you can relate to that problem, we have the solution for you.
Little Black Dress Bootcamp
Here at Eat Love Mend, we help women between 35 and 60 find the foods that work best for them to lose weight, have energy and lose the habits that lead to unhealthy weight gain. 

We especially have a little soft spot for those that want to fit into that cocktail dress without feeling so overworked and deprived; hence why we developed this program.

Imagine what it would be like to see results each week, to feel stronger and leaner as your ‘big’ clothes don’t even fit as they slide off your hips and your friends are always asking you...
"You look amazing! What have you been doing?"
Think of how good it will feel to not only be able to fit into that little back dress but how confident and sexy you will feel wearing it out AND maybe even show up that women you saw wearing it last time. Oh, don't act like that thought never crossed your mind. Shh, our secret, I won't tell anyone.

Results from other clients:
- more confidence
- having more energy
- clear mental focus
- clear skin and eyes
- feeling healthier than they have in years, or even ever!

Just think....

- You'll be able to enjoy that glass of wine without feeling guilty,
- you will not have to constantly suck in your tummy, 
- you can sit down without doing the dreaded shirt pull from your body. 

Plus it won't even have to stop there, you'll finally have the motivation and momentum to keep moving forward to other goals that have been lurking in the back of your mind. Remember that bathing suit, or skinny jeans, you wanted? (hint hint!)
Here Are The REAL Benefits
  • Learn why diets don't work and how to develop healthy habits that will stop the yoyo dieting.
  • Mindfulness Training develop a mindfulness practice that can decrease your cortisol levels, a hormone that causes you to hold on to fat. 
  • Learn how to prepare healthy delicious foods that you and your family will love.
  • Results whether it's your pants getting looser, or the exercise feeling easier, each week there is always something new that you'll experience and keep you excited.
  • Discover what foods give you optimal energy, vitality and clear focus.
  • Strategies for surviving dining out, parties, and family gathering without looking like the "odd one" in the group! 
  • Confidence when you wear that Little Black Dress! No more looking in the mirror and not liking what you see!
Real Results of Women- Just Like You
One of Miriam’s most valuable assets is her ability, and willingness, to hear me. She listened to where I was, what lifestyle I was living, and where I wanted to be. Then she guided me on steps to take to meet my health and wellness goals. This helped and encouraged me because she was treating me as an individual! I can’t recommend her enough!

I was on track to have weight loss surgery but I decided to give this a try. I have lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks without feeling deprived or excessive exercising! I can't say it has been without some struggle, but with the tools and support provided by Miriam, I have been able to change my unhealthy habits and continue to lose weight! Give it a try, you will not regret it!

I was a slow starter, but Miriam never gave up on me. Now I am consistently losing 3-4 pounds a month, exercising daily and have more energy than I have had in years. Total weight loss if 18 pounds and still counting! Miriam thanks for never giving up on me, you are my hero!

Labor Day Is Fast Approaching…
Next thing you know Labor Day will be here...End of Summer Parties and the last chance you get to Rock those Cute Summer Clothes!

Or that Little Black Dress!

Are you ready? 

Are you ready to look and feel fabulous in your Little Black Dress without having to suck in that tummy all evening? 

To be able to leave the Spanx in the dresser drawer? 

To not only look fabulous in that Little Black Dress but have your life Transformed?

Are You In? Completely In?
We've developed a unique 6 step coaching system that will help you not only help you lose weight, but help you develop healthy habits that will help you keep the weight off forever.

All too often, you are given a list of foods to eat, and told to exercise more. The problem is, if that was the solution we would all be fit, thin and wearing cute dresses! It doesn't work AND it has nothing to do with you having a "lack of will power." 

Together we will begin to explore why you struggle with weight, why your body holds on to fat and how to change this without starving, and working out excessively. 

In 42 days, you not only lose weight, but you will feel happier, have more energetic, clearer mental focus and improved relationships at home and at work!

I’ve Put In Everything You Need To Look and Feel Fabulous 
I’ve Put Everything You Need To Look Fabulous In Your Little Black Dress Into A Step-By-Step Workout Blueprint
  • Weekly Actions Packs - to take provide clarity and move you forward toward your goals.
  • Registered Dietitian Approved - Meal Guideline - complete with a done-for-you, Print and Go Grocery List - so you can make shopping Quick and Easy. 
  • Recipe Book - so you can have lots of delicious and easy to prepare recipes that you and your family will love.
  • 3 in-person meetings to provide ongoing support, accountability and build relationships. (optional)
  • Weekly Facebook Live Mindfulness coaching - so you can have 42 days of mindfulness practice to develop a healthy habits that will help you keep your amazing results. 
  • Group Calls Mondays @ 7PM ET so you can get your questions answered and build community
  • 2 - 30 minutes 1:1 coaching calls to gain clarity and confidence.
  • The Daily Dose - our daily morning inspirational emails to keep you on track with your goals.
  • Access to our Private Little Black Dress Transformation Facebook Group - where you have access to the coach, share comments and ask questions within a group of like minded persons and provide you with the accountability and support you want.
  • Accountability Buddy - your very own accountability buddy whom you can rely on when things get tough AND to celebrate your victories with you!
  • No Judgement - a safe zone for you to make this journey. There is no such thing as setbacks, only learning opportunities, you will have the support of the group, Coach and Accountability Buddy without any JUDGEMENT!
  • Celebration - a chance to celebrate your accomplishments AND show off your Little Black Dress!
  • And a few other things we have cooked up for you!  
Ready to commit, I’m going to make it easy for you to look, and feel, better than ever.....

So let me give you the details on how you can get started…

- First Commit to following the program and participating in the community. Commit to being All In! Total commitment will create great success!

- Next hit any RED button on this page to join, 
      - call your friends (check below for a bonus for friends)
      - get ready to Rock That Little Black Dress!

All this, plus more, for $250, AND you have the opportunity to earn back part of the program cost! 

This is an Introductory Offer and after the introductory period the cost of this program will almost double! And if you join during the Introductory Period, you will be Grandfathered in for discounts for future programs!

How you can lose weight, AND save money! 

- Early Bird Registration - $225 - register by 7/18/18

- For every legitimate referral you provide you will receive $10 off the cost of your program up to $30

- Plus if you refer someone, one of your friends, and they join, you BOTH get a 10% discount off the cost of the program! That is a $25.00 + the $10 referral for a $35.00 savings! And Yes you can refer more than one!

- And this offer is backed with a No Risk Guarantee. If you complete the entire 42-Day Little Black Dress Transformation and you don’t get the results you were looking for, I’ll give you your entire investment back. 
Early Bird Registration Deadline: July 15, 2018 at Midnight ET
That's exactly
from right now !!!
Here's a review of what you will get:
- A complete step-by-step success manual to take the guess work out of knowing what to do.
- Dietician approved meal plans and shopping lists to cut down on preparation time so you have more time for yourself.
- Recipe book full of delicious recipes you and your family will love.
- Weekly Mindfulness Training to help you develop the healthy habits that will make this weight loss last for a lifetime!
- The Daily Dose emails that will provide tips, ideas, and support for your success.
- Access to our Private Facebook Community where you can get support, share ideas and make new friends!
-Accountability everyone will have an accountability buddy to help you when things are tough and to help you celebrate your victories!
- No Judgement! A safe zone for you during your weight loss journey where there is no such thing as set-backs, or failure, just learning opportunities!
-Celebration! Celebrate your success with all your friends, and flaunt that Little Black Dress, at our Celebration Party!

All for only $250 - A value of $497 - for being in the introductory program!

Bonuses - I Love Love Love Bonuses!

- Eating Out Guide - value $37
- Tiny Little Miracles Journal - value $20
- Supplement Guide - value $39
- Do What You Love Exercise Kit - value $19

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Are you still wondering if this is the best program for you? I would love to have a chat with you and see if this is a good fit for you and your weight loss needs. Please simply text, "send me more info" to Miriam Ansley, RN Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, at (919) 815-8353, or email me and you will be contacted within 1 business day.
Important Dates!

Kick Off Date: The Little Black Dress Bootcamp Kick Off Party, hosted at Family Focus Chiropractic in Holly Springs, and also available over Zoom (Saturday July 21, 2018 at 10am ET).

Start Date: The Little Black Dress Bootcamp will begin  Monday July 23, 2018

Meetups: biweekly in-person meetings optional (Saturday 8/4 and 8/18

Training Calls will be held each Monday at 7:00 pm ET

End Date: The 42-Day Little Black Dress Project will end August 30, 2018

Little Black Dress Celebration: Date and Place to be announced!

Your Next Step: If you are ready to LOOK YOUR BEST in your Little Black Dress - then our 42-Day Little Black Dress Bootcamp is for you! 

Get started now by simply clicking the "I'm In" button below. 

There are only 20 spots, so don't wait, get your spot now!
Health and Happiness, 

Miriam Ansley, RN, Integrative Nutritional Health Coach
P.S. – You have my Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You can complete the entire 28-Day Little Black Dress Bootcamp, and if you don’t get the results you were looking for, I’ll give you your entire investment back. 

Get started right now, RISK-FREE. 
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